Best Black Note E-Liquid Flavors

trytuyikhgjfhBlack note e-juice is a particular vaping juice that is extracted from tobacco naturally. It is made by highly qualified tobacco experts and usually the favorite of tobacco flavor lovers. Its production involves the use of natural methods thus ensuring that the tobacco essence is maintained. The ever presence of the tobacco essence ensures that the vapers get the best experience that one can achieve from using the black note e-juice. Its manufacturer ensures that they use the finest of the tobacco leaves to achieve the best flavor. The cold steeping process is majorly preferred in the production of black note e-liquid. This process usually takes a period of 6 to 8 weeks.

The manufacturers make sure that they preserve the natural tobacco aroma and flavor by the use of the steeping process. This ensures that they don’t need to add any artificial flavors into the e-juice.

Due to their endeavor to maintain the market share of their consumers, the producers ensure that the e-liquid undergoes regular laboratory tests. This is why the black note e-liquid is always certified and enjoys higher ratings from the authorizing agencies. Those who have used it for quite some time state that it’s one of the best e cig liquid that does not pose any health hazards as it does not contain any harmful substances. As stated early the black note e-juice does not have any artificial additives thus one should consume it without any worries.

Some of the flavors that make the black note e-juice

1. Forte

This one is described as a type of tobacco which is barley, and it is usually cultivated on the fertile slopes of Naples. The black note Burley gets its best quality due to the ripening process it undergoes. It is then dried under a shade and after that taken through light air curing.

The above process ensures that it offers a slightly sweet and subtle flavor. The e-juice is very efficient in offering a full-bodied flavor that offers an awesome vaping experience that can only be found in barley tobacco. Whereas this brand of black note e-juice is considered to be strong, it has maintained the cleanliness and smoothness of a high-quality e-juice. It is thus considered moreish, and it is recommended for after dinner vaping.56768iuoiu

2. Legato

For those who are not familiar with this type of tobacco, its origin is in Italy. It is an indigenous plant of the sun-drenched Tuscany Italian slopes. Its lovers refer to it as having an American name while it maintains an Italian heart.It is taken through the flue-curing process. This ensures that it releases natural resins that are essential in the production of a rich bodied vaping experience. It has a mild and nutty plus aromatic flavor which is both earthy and smooth. This is another range of black note e-liquid that can easily turn out as an all day vape.

3. Prelude

This is a blend that is grown in Virginia. Once it has been harvested, the leaves undergo flue-curing to ensure that the natural sugars and resins are released into the liquid. This gives the liquid light, bright and taste aroma. It has a low throat hit compared to the other heavy blends. But also has a lovely touch of sweetness and it is so appealing for ex-roll up smokers.